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(only $99)

Complete beginner package includes start-up package, covers registration, includes the Taekwondo uniform, and unlimited classes.

Your child will learn focus, discipline, leadership skills, anti-bullying tips, self-defense and will have lots of FUN!

Enrollment is limited, so call 704-794-6610 today to schedule a FREE trial class.

Looking for a great workout while learning a martial art?  Taekwondo (sometimes spelled Tae kwon do) is the fastest growing martial art in America.  Taekwondo is fairly easy to learn the basics but can keep you challenged for a lifetime.  Taekwondo is similar to karate with a little more focus on kicking.  In fact, the exciting dynamic kicks shown in many martial arts movies are often derived from Taekwondo.

Check out the new class schedule for our exciting Taekwondo and fitness programs. Concord Taekwondo America offers classes six days a week at our nationally affiliated school.

Come visit our facilities any day of the week or call us to schedule a FREE Introductory class - see what TaeKwonDo can do for you and your family!


At Concord Taekwondo America, we have been building students and leaders for over 20 years... with individual classes for children and adults, and a staff dedicated to achieving students' goals! Our instructors are continually re-certified with the latest teaching techniques in cardio-vascular and martial arts. Below are comments that we have received over the years.

"Since Jeremy started at Concord Taekwondo in April of 2005, his all around behavior, self-control and level of concentration have improved 10 fold!" Debbie Stoddard, Parent [read more]

"Both Jacob and Matthew felt they needed a Taekwondo school that would challenge them to improve not only their forms, but also their sparring abilities. After our first few minutes in your school, we all knew we had found a new TKD home." Dr. Busey [read more]

"Because of my avoidance and even fear of confrontation, I had my doubts about the nature and effectiveness of the course before I arrived on Monday. Those doubts and fears didn't last long!" Rachel Miller [read more]

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Introductory Special – only $99

Complete beginner package includes registration, uniform, and unlimited classes